About Bugsnag

Headquartered in San Francisco, Bugsnag provides software teams with an automated crash detection platform for their web and mobile applications.

To date, Bugsnag has processed over 10 billion application crashes from thousands of top technology companies, including Square, OpenTable, StubHub. CBS Interactive, GitHub and Slack.

Bugsnag Inc. was founded by James Smith and Simon Maynard, and launched in September 2012.

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Our Team

  • James headshot.cbf07e4c

    James Smith

    CEO and Co-founder

    James has a track record of building successful products. As CTO of Heyzap, James led the product team and helped scale the company to over 10 million users.

  • Simon headshot.bf8a92ff

    Simon Maynard

    CTO and Co-founder

    Simon has over ten years experience in product development, engineering and management, helping tech giants such as Vodafone, Thales, and Swiss Re build and scale their business-critical applications.

  • Max headshot.11b655c8

    Max Luster

    Lead Product Designer

    Equal parts front-end engineer and designer, Max brings his deep expertise in product design and interactive data visualization to Bugsnag.

  • Jessica headshot.3670c5a5

    Jessica Dillon

    Software Engineer

    Jessica is an engineer whose expertise runs the gamut from developing rich in-browser applications to building service-oriented backends.

  • Kristine headshot.7bed40df

    Kristine Pinedo

    Community and Content Manager

    Kristine is an enthusiastic community professional with a passion for creating engaging content and great social media stories.

  • Keegan headshot.e4b42a3a

    Keegan Lowenstein

    Senior Software Engineer

    Keegan's diverse background ranges from working on developer tools and backend performance at Goodreads, to working for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and nonprofits.

  • Kelly headshot.1d136f99

    Kelly Shearon

    VP Marketing

    Kelly has spent her career hacking marketing for a number of products and companies, making it as authentic, empathetic, and original as possible.

  • Chris headshot.00dee1bc

    Chris Kotars

    Strategic Sales Manager

    Chris and his twin brother once appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos for falling asleep in their Mac n' Cheese. He's since become passionate about helping customers improve their products and take advantage of modern technologies.

  • Nicole headshot.4a15f6df

    Nicole Broadstock

    Office Manager

    Nicole has been an office manager for 12 years at various startups. She focuses on onboarding and helping the Bugsnag office run smoothly.

  • Martin headshot.b8b6a184

    Martin Holman

    Lead Backend Engineer

    Martin is an experienced backend engineer who hails from New Zealand. He's also a certified ski instructor.

  • Emily headshot.8ec1b791

    Emily Nakashima

    Lead Frontend Engineer

    Emily is into wooden boats, web performance, javascript architecture, client-side metrics, and large code bases.

  • Rickie headshot.79232f26

    Rickie Sherman


    Rickie wanted to be a botanist when he grew up, but he put that dream aside when he discovered his love for design through hacking Windows to customize the UI.

  • Nikki headshot.3ff94849

    Nikki Everett

    Head of Docs and Support

    Nikki leads the docs and support team and spends a lot of time thinking about information architecture and empathetic user support.

  • Adrian headshot.0b1d3360

    Adrian Martinez

    Events Marketing Associate

    Adrian tackles all things related to events and the Bugsnag booth, helping us create genuine experiences. He's also responsible for Bugsnag's amazing swag.

Our Investors

  • Benchmark logo.cfd9477f

    Benchmark Capital

    Since its founding in 1995, Benchmark has invested in more than 250 early stage startups with a market value exceeding $100 billion. Investments have included eBay, MySQL, OpenTable, Yelp, Zillow, Instagram, Hortonworks, Dropbox, Uber, Twitter, Zipcar, Asana, Quora, and Demandforce.

  • Matrix logo.9e95325b

    Matrix Partners

    Since its inception in 1977, Matrix Partners has been fortunate to play an active role in the development of many successful businesses, 50 of which went on to initial public offerings, and 75 of which have gone on to profitable M&A events.

  • Andy mcloughlin headshot.f4043a15

    Andy McLoughlin

    Andy McLoughlin is co-founder of Huddle, the enterprise cloud collaboration company. Huddle is used by more than 100,000 businesses worldwide and has raised more than $40M in venture funding from leading investors. Andy is also an active early-stage angel investor, lending his expertise to top companies like Postmates, Buffer and Intercom.

  • Jason seats headshot.d719f314

    Jason Seats

    Jason Seats is the Managing Director of Techstars in Austin. Prior to joining Techstars, Jason was a founder of Slicehost, an early cloud computing hosting company. In 2008 Slicehost was acquired by Rackspace and became the core for the initial Cloud Servers product.