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Bugsnag Deploy Tracking API

The Bugsnag Deploy Tracking API allows you to track deploys of your apps. By sending the source revision or application version to when you deploy a new version of your app, you'll be able to see which deploy each error was introduced in.

Our official notifiers will often contain language or frameworks hooks to help you automate the deploy notification process. If you are using a custom notifier, or your notifier does provide appropriate deploy tracking hooks, you can notify Bugsnag of deploys of your application using the deploy tracking API described here.

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API Overview

To notify Bugsnag of deploys, simply make a HTTP POST to and Bugsnag will save and process the deploy information.

The POST payload can either be normal form-encoded data, or a JSON object. If you choose to POST a JSON object, make sure you set the HTTP Content-Type header to be application/json.

You can post the following fields when notifying Bugsnag of a deploy:

  • apiKey

    The API Key associated with the project. Informs Bugsnag which project has been deployed. This is the only required field.

  • releaseStage

    The release stage (eg, production, staging) currently being deployed. (Optional, defaults to "production").

  • repository

    The url to the respository containing the source code being deployed. We can use this to link directly to your source code from the Bugsnag dashboard. (Optional).

  • branch

    The source control branch from which you are deploying the code. (Optional).

  • revision

    The source control (git, subversion, etc) revision id for the code you are deploying. (Optional).

  • appVersion

    The app version of the code you are currently deploying. Only set this if you tag your releases with semantic version numbers and deploy infrequently. (Optional).


Notify Bugsnag of a deploy using curl:

curl -d "apiKey=c9d60ae4c7e70c4b6c4eb&appVersion=1.5"