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Bugsnag Notification Plugins

When errors occur in your application, Bugsnag can notify you using a notification plugin. Notification plugins can perform many actions, including emailing you, posting a message to your chat room or even creating a ticket in your issue tracking system.

The following notification plugins are currently available for use in Bugsnag. If you don't see your service listed below please let us know at

Communication and Chat Plugins

  • Icon.e0dd786e Email - Email project members
  • Icon.88d92e0b Campfire - Post to a Campfire chatroom
  • Icon.a46d7cf1 Datadog - Post to Datadog event stream
  • Icon.d8054d9f Flowdock - Post to a Flowdock inbox
  • Icon.6dd96747 Gitter - Post to a Gitter chatroom
  • Icon.4312d063 HipChat - Post to a HipChat chatroom
  • Icon.f2139baf Pushed - Send a push notification to your Pushed account
  • Icon.2eb98316 Slack - Post to a Slack channel
  • Icon.24a20aa8 Twilio SMS - Send an SMS with Twilio
  • Icon.ec86eda9 Webhook - Post to a Webhook URL

Issue Tracker Plugins

  • Icon.0797d804 activeCollab Tasks - Create an activeCollab Task
  • Icon.cd158f4a Asana - Create an Asana task
  • Icon.362f1303 Assembla - Create an Assembla ticket
  • Icon.aaedfb5a Axosoft - Create an Axosoft item
  • Icon.283181cd Bitbucket Issues - Create a Bitbucket issue
  • Icon.ddbe47bb BugHerd Tasks - Create a BugHerd Task
  • Icon.5affe41e Bugify - Create a Bugify ticket
  • Icon.22348c4d Bugzilla - Create a Bugzilla issue
  • Icon.e7758404 Codebase - Create a Codebase ticket
  • Icon.f5be8bae DoneDone - Create a DoneDone issue
  • Icon.f169a3ed FogBugz - Create a FogBugz case
  • Icon.a3fbb0fc GitHub Issues - Create a GitHub issue
  • Icon.6c1c6972 GitLab Issues - Create a GitLab issue
  • Icon.16b008f1 HiTask - Create a HiTask item
  • Icon.fe9c6d3b JIRA - Create a JIRA issue
  • Icon.366d8888 Lighthouse - Create a Lighthouse ticket
  • Icon.959d8726 Liquid Planner - Create a LiquidPlanner task
  • Icon.8f2939a5 MeisterTask - Create a MeisterTask task
  • Icon.ee568eb7 Phabricator - Create a Phabricator task
  • Icon.5d9f724f Pivotal Tracker - Create a Pivotal Tracker story
  • Icon.870852b8 Redmine Issues - Create a Redmine issue
  • Icon.5a0ba4a6 - Create a defect
  • Icon.1023ef63 TargetProcess - Create a TargetProcess Bug
  • Icon.bd6aa63e Trello - Create a Trello card
  • Icon.77616977 Unfuddle Tickets - Create a Unfuddle ticket
  • Icon.3adbff1c UserVoice - Create a UserVoice ticket
  • Icon.16efe581 Visual Studio Team Services - Create a bug on
  • Icon.c056ecc6 Wunderlist - Create a task in Wunderlist
  • Icon.1f7a0add YouTrack Issues - Create a YouTrack issue

On Call Plugins

  • Icon.21ad12d0 OpsGenie - Create an OpsGenie alert
  • Icon.6946e972 PagerDuty - Create a PagerDuty incident
  • Icon.f9b0f090 VictorOps - Create a VictorOps incident

Other Plugins