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Bugsnag Notification Plugins

When errors occur in your application, Bugsnag can notify you using a notification plugin. Notification plugins can perform many actions, including emailing you, posting a message to your chat room or even creating a ticket in your issue tracking system.

The following notification plugins are currently available for use inside Bugsnag. If you don't see your service listed below you can always create a notification plugin yourself.

Communication and Chat Plugins

  • Icon Email - Email project members
  • Icon Campfire - Post to a Campfire chatroom
  • Icon Flowdock - Post to a Flowdock inbox
  • Icon HipChat - Post to a HipChat chatroom
  • Icon Jaconda - Post to a Jaconda chatroom
  • Icon Slack - Post to a Slack channel
  • Icon Twilio SMS - Send an SMS with Twilio

Issue Tracker Plugins

  • Icon Asana - Create an Asana task
  • Icon Assembla - Create an Assembla ticket
  • Icon Atlassian JIRA - Create a JIRA issue
  • Icon Bugify - Create a Bugify ticket
  • Icon Codebase - Create a Codebase ticket
  • Icon GitHub Issues - Create a GitHub issue
  • Icon GitLab Issues - Create a GitLab issue
  • Icon Lighthouse - Create a Lighthouse ticket
  • Icon OnTime - Create an OnTime item
  • Icon Pivotal Tracker - Create a Pivotal Tracker story
  • Icon - Create a defect placed in the backlog
  • Icon Trello - Create a Trello card
  • Icon UserVoice - Create a UserVoice ticket

Other Plugins

  • Icon Webhook - Post to a Webhook URL