Automatically detect crashes in all of your applications

Bugsnag detects crashes in every popular programming language and framework, automatically collecting useful diagnostics to help you resolve your errors quickly.
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Prioritize errors that need your attention

See exactly when each crash happened and how many users were affected. Filter out the noise so you can get to the errors that need your attention faster.

Effectively diagnose your errors

At-a-glance summary shows exactly where and when the error happened, and how many users were affected. Automatically collected diagnostics are intuitively displayed, as well as any custom diagnostics you attach to an error report.

Email & chat notifications

As well as sending error alerts to your email inbox, Bugsnag can also post alerts to your team's chat room. Alerts are automatically de-duped, so your inbox doesn't get overloaded.

Issue tracker integration

Bugsnag can automatically create tickets in your issue tracking system when a new error is detected. Or you can use Bugsnag to triage your errors, manually raising issues during review.